Social Media Marketing

I offer a range of services to help you achieve the marketing results you’re after. From individual sessions to optimize your current strategy, to training and coaching of your team, to full ads management.

I will be happy to have a talk with you, to see what solution will suit you best and tailor a right-fit package for your company’s needs.

Get in touch below to hear more!

Identifying your needs

The most important thing for me, in the process of identifying your needs and expectations, is that we have an open and honest dialogue. Handing over your marketing efforts can be a big step, which is why we need to align expectations and see if our collaboration could be a good “match”.

1st meet – a virtual coffee
The first meeting we have will be to better understand your company, your advertising and marketing history and what you wish to achieve with your advertising. This meeting usually happens online, but can also be a physical meeting, if the circumstances (COVID-19) allow.

Tailored solutions
Based on our first talk, I will send you an implementation plan and strategy overview, along with a few solution proposals, so you have a few options to choose from. All strategies and implementation plans are tailored to the specific company request.

Getting started

Agreement and getting started
When you have decided on the proposal you think suits your needs, and we have come to a final agreement, our collaboration starts. For me openness, transparency and aligning expectations are the foundation of a solid collaboration, which is why I usually request that we have weekly meetings the first 1-2 months.

Working with me

Adaption and tailoring
During the first months, I will request that we do weekly meetings. These meetings are made for us to align the work I do, so I can adapt and tailor the content (be it training content, ads content, strategy, or which ever the service you and/or your company has opted in for) based on your feedback and requests.

I always make sure you feel included in my work process and you feel comfortable with the output I produce for you. Most importantly, the purpose of these meetings are to make sure your marketing is aligned with your brand identity and you get the best results possible.

Monthly reporting (applicable for the service “ads management”)
To track the development of your marketing results, I do an in-depth monthly analysis with a supporting month-over-month report.

Strategy Consulting

Do you already have a strategy in place?

Do you want to have a new set of eyes on it, to give you feedback and tips on how to improve and avoid normal pitfalls?

Reach out to me today and I’ll be happy to arrange a strategy evaluation and coaching session for you and your business.

Training of your team

Do you already have a team working on your Social Media Strategy?

Or do you want to train one or more employees to be able to handle this task?

I put together training sessions for your internal team, so they can manage your advertising for you, based on best practices for Social Media Marketing, which I’ve obtained through years of experience.

Full ads management

Do you want to focus on doing what you do best?

Maybe you don’t have time to also manage your Social Media Strategy, on top of all your other tasks?

I’ll be happy to manage your strategy and campaigns for you, in close collaboration with you and your team.

Let’s build something together.

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