The Future of Work, Session 3

Preparing for the future; a hands-on interactive session Duration: 3H In the third and more hands-on workshop, in this Future of Work Workshop series, we are ready to get down to business and work with best practice processes and solution proposals, that can help guide your company in the right direction for future talent attraction,Continue reading “The Future of Work, Session 3”

The Future of Work, Session 2

Future of work – going from idea to action  Duration: 2,5H In this second Future of Work workshop session, we take a deeper dive into the specific methods, processes and building blocks companies should focus on developing, to become attractive for the globalizing workforce and to build agility and change-readiness into their DNA. This sessionContinue reading “The Future of Work, Session 2”

The Future of Work, Session 1

The why, what and how of preparing for “the future of work” Duration: 2H This first Workshop on The Future of Work starts out with giving you a “status quo” of the globalizing workforce, i.e. what employees these days look for in companies, and what successful companies are doing to attract and retain talent. WeContinue reading “The Future of Work, Session 1”

The Future of Work

3 knowledge & skill-building workshops The Future of Work – 3 knowledge & skill-building sessions to kick-start your journey towards the future of work.  Are you looking for more insights into how to prepare for the future of work? What do companies need to do, know, and implement to keep their competitive advantage and their abilityContinue reading “The Future of Work”

Motivation through Work Culture

Motivation, work-life balance and maintaining productivity are three factors companies have been trying to boil down, combine and successfully fusion for years. Since the 90’s’ work-life balance frenzy, managers have tried to find the correct motivational factors to influence and improve how people feel at work, and the overall work culture. Most large companies willContinue reading “Motivation through Work Culture”

Core Values to create success

Wordstream has a WeCulture, focusing on Core Values. “… As we grow, having a “playbook” of how we operate becomes more and more important.  These values are the essence of our company.  These are not just words on paper, but something we will strive hard to live by, and we expect you to hold us accountable toContinue reading “Core Values to create success”

Talent retention at it’s best!

With 95% retention rate, this company has a WeCulture; they just don’t know it yet. “You must recruit well to retain well” is one of the core beliefs in the American company, Location Labs, which has a retention rate of 95% throughout the entire company, and never fired a single employee. Core Values and Recruitment ToContinue reading “Talent retention at it’s best!”