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As a company, you might think that your most valuable assets are the products you sell or the services you offer. In reality, the most valuable assets you have, are your employees.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first! If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

Richard Branson

If you cannot attract and retain talent, someone else in your industry will!
My services help you, and your company, build a Workplace Culture that engages and empowers your employees, helps them to drive better results, while building a workplace they enjoy working in.

Don’t worry about the size of your company or your team – we can tailor a solution that fits your needs!

The Value Proposition

I believe we all deserve to be happy in our workplace, and feel satisfied and fulfilled by the work we do. I want to help companies create workplaces where employees are actively engaged in the success of the company; where they want to stay because they feel that they evolve, are understood, and have a sense of ownership in their every-day work.

Added value from working on your culture and creating an attractive and motivating workplace:

  • Lower Attrition Rates
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction & Motivation
  • Increased Retention Rates & Knowledge Retention

Creating an attractive workplace

The race to attract the best talent is getting even more competitive. The workforce is moving more and more to remote workers, allowing companies to hire the best talent, from anywhere in the world. But, offering the highest salary and best financial package is no longer enough – the younger generation is looking for much more than just financial stability. Today, employees demand working in great workplace conditions, having the opportunity to develop their skills, among other factors that differ from what we have seen in the past, when looking to baby-boomers and the aging workforce.

PWC report shows the newest global trends

PWC made an in depth report on what motivates young people in their work and how they make their choices, when searching for job opportunities. The findings were clear: Millennials and the younger generations value purpose, autonomy, and a sense of belonging higher, than a good incentives package.
See the detailed report here

How It Works


To establish a status quo of how your employees perceive the company “here and now”, we will issue an Employee Satisfaction Survey that has been tailored to your specific workplace and reality. This will work as an introduction of the process to the employees, so they feel included in the journey from the very start, and will create a better understanding of the most important issues (if any) to dive into.

We will work closely to identify:

  • Company Core Values
    Used to support and guide employees, management, and leadership in their every-day work.
  • Best Performers in key roles
    Used to identify a number of elements such as training needs, standard operating procedures, recruitment specifics, etc.
  • Recruitment benchmarks
    The knowledge we attain, when identifying the company core values and the best performers, will be used to hire future talent with similar skills and qualifications.

    The findings from our sessions, identifying Core Values and Best Performers, will work as the foundation of all our work, going forward.

Inclusion, and getting the entire company onboard the culture-development journey, from the very beginning is essential. Depending on the size of the company, either all employees will be included in the discovery and brainstorming sessions, or representatives from each team will get the chance to volunteer, to make sure all parts of the company are represented.

Culture is built from the bottom and up – the frontline employees, support teams, middle management, and so on, live your company culture every day! A culture, defined by management, cannot be forced through a top-down approach.

Continuous Follow -Up

Creating an idea about a culture isn’t enough – it needs to be lived every day. I support your company from the first implementation until the culture has been widely embedded and accepted in the company. You will get continuous check-in sessions, where we check the temperature on culture and identify any issues that might need attention, in the aftermath of implementing your new culture. The whole process will finish with a new Employee Satisfaction Survey and, should, climax with a company-wide celebration.

Tailored Solutions for Different Needs

Regardless if your company consists of a team of 10 people, a fleet of hundreds employees or anything in between, you will never be able to avoid the need of addressing the culture you want to build your company around.

Let’s put company culture on the edge for a moment.
When you as a founder, manager, or team leader imagine how your employees come to work every day, you’re definitely not imagining someone who is uninterested, unengaged, demotivated, unproductive and with little interest in the success of the company – right?

All managers wish to see their employees working hard for the success of the company. Culture is the factor that decides if the employees enjoy working hard and want to stay in their jobs, or if they feel pressured to work hard with a high risk of burnout or wishing to resign within a short period of time.

All companies have different needs.
Whether you need to build your culture from scratch, or you merely would like a fresh set of eyes to help evaluate improvement opportunities for creating an amazing workplace, I’ll be happy to have a talk with you to identify your specific needs!

There is no “one- size fits all” solution, when it comes to company culture. All solutions are tailored to the specific companies, their employees, the market they are in and the goals they wish to achieve.

Get in touch today to tell me about your needs – maybe I will be able to tailor a plan for you and your company!

Services and Solutions

Speaking Engagements

Sometimes, all you need to motivate your team is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that “Together, we can”! These speaking engagements are tailored to talk about everyday practices we can do to increase our happiness in the workplace and improve our productivity. Some of the most popular topics are:

– Employee Motivation
– Navigating a Multicultural Workplace
– Efficient Meetings & Collaboration in a Multicultural Workplace

We can also tailor talks to match your specific needs, within the topics of Company Culture and Employee Motivation.

Half/ Full day Workshops

In these half- or full day workshops, we dig into the matter of several topics, with the purpose of creating awareness for you and your employees about what smaller adjustments can be done, to build a happier and more productive workplace. We will touch upon topics such as:

– Employee Motivation
– Communication to build trust
– Intercultural Conflict Management & Mediation
– Employee Empowerment

These workshops will leave you and your team with tools to work through the most common challenges companies face in their normal day-to-day operations.

Get your tailored Culture Framework

Change doesn’t come from doing nothing! When you dedicate your energy towards building a better workplace for your employees, you might as well go all-in to ensure you do it right. We will work closely together for a period of 6-12 months to brainstorm, implement, and follow up on the best Culture Framework for you, your company and your team. We will be working with:

– Core Value Identification
– SOPs implementation
– Training & Development
– Recruitment Procedures

and more, to build your tailored Company Culture.

Let’s build something together.

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