About me

Sarah Andersen

Business Consultant, specializing in business culture and social media marketing

I believe that the core of doing business is changing. I see companies actively shifting their cultures a more dynamic, personalized and people-based mentality, to empower employees, retain them and their knowledge, and create an inclusive work place.

I’ve worked in International Organizations the past 13 years and loved it so much, that I decided to supplement my work experience, with a degree in Intercultural & Organizational Communication. That opened my eyes to the true passion I have for Organizational Optimization and improving the inner workings of businesses.

Being Danish, I cannot run away from being a very direct and head strong individual, who loves challenges and who constantly seeks to optimize processes and procedures. I have always been one of those colleagues who will come to your desk to ask what you’re doing, out of pure curiosity and the wish to understand the full circle of the business I’m engaged in! 

Professionally, I reflect a typical Dane: Analytical, structured, solution oriented, head strong, and well-functioning in stressful situations. My personal attributes lean more towards my warm-blooded origin: I am positive, dynamic, approachable, open minded, and I love to crack silly jokes to balance out my workaholic tendencies. 

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